Megacity Dhaka is the overpopulated capital of the most densely populated nation on Earth. Bangladesh is the eighth most populous country, but only the 94th largest country in terms of land area, about as large as the U.S. state of Iowa. Dhaka is also the center of a swiftly-shifting sovereign state, which has undergone two major governmental changes in the last century. First, it became part of the country of Pakistan (known as East Pakistan) after the division of India into different territories by the British. Then it became Bangladesh after it won its independence from Pakistan with help from the Indians. 

    Dhaka is rapidly becoming a major modern city after adapting to these changes. Like any other big city of South Asia, slums comprise a large part of the city, which also includes modern industrial and commercial institutions. Since embracing free markets, Dhaka's business corridor has boomed, and it has recieved much foreign investment. Skylines of areas like Motijheel, Kawran Bazar or Gulshan are manifestations of this new development. Textile and Readymade Garments are the fastest growing industries at Dhaka.

     Dhaka is home to many universities and institutes of higher learning.Dhaka University, founded by the British in 1921, is the pioneer Public University of the region.

    Dhaka's citizens are passionate about cricket and soccer (or football). Children can be seen playing both in the streets.As Bangladesh recently became the 10th Test Playing Cricketing nation, new 2-3 stadiums with modern look came up in Dhaka to cater the need of test cricket.   

     Being Bengali in ethnicity, inhabitants of Dhaka are very much fond of music and drama. Apart from traditional Classical Songs, Tagore Songs, Nazrul Songs and Folk Songs, Bengali Pop Songs with western epitome is becoming rapidly popular specially among the young population.