Dhaka New Market is the oldest shopping complex of DhakaCity and it is located in the shopping precinct of Dhaka City with Hawkers Market, Gausia Market, Chadni Chalk Market, Balaka Cine World, Nilkhet Book Market and New Market all adjacent to each other. It mostly caters to the needs of the population of DhakaCity but also attracts shoppers from outside of Dhaka.


One of the distinctive features of Dhaka New Market is the open air shopping in a spacious atmosphere. Three high arched gates lead into New Market. Inside there are organized rows of shops for books, stationery, watches, clocks, spectacles, grocery items, clothes, jewellery, electrical equipment, leather goods and travel kits, with a few service shops for tailoring, fast food, photography, etc. New Market is a popular place for shopping among Bangladeshis, especially for its inexpensive prices. Shoppers can find everything in these shops and gain fantastic experience buying something from here. It is a good place for bargain shopping and people of all income levels come to shop here. The merchants may even serve you tea or cold drinks while you shop and your children can play around.Those who want to buy thick garments for winter must also visit New Market. Shops selling traveling bags, backpacks, and suitcases as well as book stores are also available in New Market.


The shopping precinct is also popular for its cloth market. Many saree shops for ladies, shirts, jeans, and T-shirts are easily found with low prices e.g. T-shirt price starts from Tk120 or US $1.50 and jeans price starts from Tk350 or US $5. Surrounding the outer walls outside New Market, there are shops selling kitchen utensils, fresh vegetables and fruits as well as street hawkers selling many different items.

Across the road from New Market you will find Chadni Chalk Market, which is best known for local fabrics and jewellery shops. Next to Chadni Chalk there is a big area known as Nilkhet Book Market. This is just beside Balaka Cine World, which is the oldest cinema complex and was built in the 1960’s. Inside Nilkhet Book Market there are many shops that sell all kinds of books and second-hand books; shops that offer scanning and printing services, including printing and designing of visiting cards; shops that offer photocopying, spiral binding or hard binding services; etc.