The Azerbaijan State Museum
History Museum
Bul-bul Memorial Museum (singer)
Historical & Architectural museum (Shirvan shahs’ Palace)
Museum-Apartment of Niyazi (conductor)
Museum of Art (R.Mustafaev)
Museum-Apartment of Azim Azimzade (artist)
Nizami Museum of Azerbaijan Literature
Museum-Apartment of Abdulla Shaig (writer)
State Museum of the History of Religion
Museum of the History of Medicine
Azerbaijan Carpet Museum
Museum of Natural History (Hassanbey Zardabi)
Museum of Theatre (Jafar Jabarly)
Museum of Education                                                                                                                                                                                                           
Museum of Musical Culture of Azerbaijan
Memorial Museum of Nariman Narimanov (statesman)
Museum of Independence
Memorial Museum of Mammad Said Ordubady (writer)
Memorial Museum of Hussein Javid (writer)
House-Museum of Uzeyir Hajibeyov (composer)
House-Museum of Samad Vurgun (poet)
House-Museum of Jafar Mammadguluzade (writer)


As of October, 2012, the Carpet Museum had been reduced to three rooms, two of which were used for a questionably interesting exhibit of new, pictorial rugs.  Since the museum has a large and interesting collection of older Azerbaijani weaving (see their website), things will improve greatly when a new museum building is completed nearer to the Caspian.  As things stand, one gets poor value for 5 manat!