View of Yerevan and Mt. Ararat from Cascades (c) Raffi Kojian (courtesy of)The Cascades, reminescent of a river cascade, were built in the 1970s, or rather began construction, since they were never finished.  A huge monument nonetheless, these massive white stairs climb much of the way up the hillside, linking central Yerevan to the WWI monument and platform on top, and behind it, the neighborhood called Monument.

 The stairs you climb are surrounded by beds of plants and flowers, and there are fountains and landings all the way up. 

 The best feature, for those who can't fathom climbing the hundreds of stairs, is the escalator inside (entrance on the left, free and with clean bathrooms).  On either side of the escalator, are displays of the art collection of the benefactor of this structure.  

 The top is a massive construction site, as an American-Armenian businessman began work on a museum there to house his modern art collection, but progress has been slow so far.

 Views from the stairs of both Yerevan and Mt. Ararat are spectacular, so make a point of heading at least halfway up during a stay in Yerevan!