Nha Trang sees beautiful weather from February through October, and the only drawback to the other months of the year is that winter is the rainy season in the area.  The temperatures are moderate throughout the year, staying somewhere between an average low of sixty five degrees (18° C) and an average high of eighty five degrees (30° C) .  It should be noted that the summer months can get quite humid, so travelers not used to humidity may want to plan on avoiding the hottest months of the year (July and August).

Visitors seeking to spend time on the beaches will find that they can do so as early as February.  In fact, the best diving in the area is generally considered to be during the spring months.

For the most part, autumn travel in the area is not recommended.   It doesn’t get particularly cold, but that rainy season should be taken seriously.   This is because the storms can get violent and there is some risk of typhoon devastation during the heart of the rainy season.   Travelers planning trips to the area from September to mid-December should be sure to stay on top of local weather information during the days leading up to their trip.   Updated weather information is available at http://www.wunderground.com/global/st... .