Silk paintings are Hue's main shopping item and a central part of Vietnamese culture as well. Silk painting has been done for centuries in Vietnam. Artists paint on a white silk canvas using colors that recreate the colors of nature.

The motives of the paintings refer to natural landscapes and scenes of everyday life in Vietnam. Topics include scenes from the harvest season, going to the market, the cyclo trip, rowing a boat, and historical buildings such as the pagodas. The landscapes synthethize the beauty of the country with scarce but powerful and precise strokes. The colors communicate a tranquility as they combine the blue and the yellow hues with the white background of the canvas.

You can buy the silk paintings framed by two bamboo rolls that will make it easy to hang.   

Calligraphic artwork is another item that the traveler can purchase. Calligraphic work can be found on silk but also on lacquer, stone and wood. 


When traveling to Hue, as a tourist who loves to discover local culture and buy something as a quality memorable product you should have a look at these shop:

1. Ella Shop:
Add: 39 Chu Van An St.,
Contact Mrs Thuy
Description: Mrs Thuy is owner of Ella Viet Shop. She is young and studious in fashion. Her shop is a collection of most traditional Ao Dai - Long Dress of Hue ancient and modern style.

Beside that Ella Viet products is the combination of the use of materials and traditional craft techniques to create products with the application and trendy as souvenir items made from high quality lacquer combined with traditional methods as Hue, Hue ao dai collection over time or the silk scarf with hand embroidered motifs. Especially the scarf is hand-woven with traditional textile techniques dzeng of ethnic minorities in local tradition with the pattern on the modern color scheme will give customers a fashion product bold cultural characteristics.

Cushion cover with licorn designed et ELLASHOP      Scarft with Hue royal motifs

2. Tinh Hoa Shop:
Add: 6 Vo Thi Sau St.,
Mob: 0983513055
Contact Mr Tam
Description: You can find handmade, traditional things of Hue unique here.
Highlight: Paper lotus flower (confetti), traditional skite of Hue, bamboo handmade...


3. Thai Hung Shop

142/22 Ba Trieu , Hue

Contact : Mr Triet 0914002321

Description: You can find Hue lacquer and enamel paintings - all handmade. 

Artist working on the painting    enamel lacquer jewlery box