An interesting way to know Hue and its surroundings is by motorbike. It is now illegal for foreigners to hire motorbikes without a valid Vietnamese motorcycle license, so the next-best alternative is to employ a motorbike driver/guide and ride pillion. You can tour the tombs around Hue or visit nearby villages such as Aluoi, Thanh Thuy and especially the Thuy Bieu Village.

Thuy Bieu is a laid back village nestled on the bank of Perfume River, around 5km from the centre of Hue city. The village preserves the beautiful garden-house landscaping tradition in Vietnam: small blue cottages hidden in luxuriant gardens of fruit trees and flowers. The most iconic design is a long gate with well-trimmed tree fences along two sides. Lush, peaceful and quirky, Thuy Bieu Village makes a perfect image of Vietnam in the past. No commercialization sign, no industrial chimney, no hurry, life is so relaxing and worth living here. Take a walk or a bike ride and escape from life hussle.