Tet Nguyen Dan - 'Tet'

The major event in Hanoi which is enjoyed by both locals and tourists each year is the Tet Nguyen Dan, simply called The Tet by most people.  This celebration takes place at the beginning of January or the end of February, marking the beginning of the New Year by the lunar calendar.  It is a multi-day celebration which focuses on the gathering of family and friends but also includes much entertainment and festivities. 

Other important holidays in Hanoi

Other annual events which are of importance to the people of Hanoi include:

  • Co Loa Festival is a parade through several locations in Hanoi and includes interesting sights such as wrestling and cockfighting.  This usually takes place in Februrary.
  • Keo Pagoda Festival, taking place in autumn, is a three day festival with music, boat races and other activities.
  • Le Mat Festival is a parade on the water which occurs early each spring.
  • Mid-autumn festival is a street fair geared towards children but enjoyed by all.

It should be noted that most festival begin on the evening of the date which is listed as their start date and continue on for several days beyond that date.