The nightlife in Hanoi is an active one generally divided in to two subcategories.  There are the quieter bars, which are generally enjoyed by a slightly older and mellower crowd.  There may be live entertainment at these bars but it is generally played at a level which allows for conversation in the bar.  The other side of the nightlife is made up of the bustling clubs, which have at least one dance floor along with DJ-based music and/or live bands playing so loud that dancing takes the place of conversation.

For those interested in the quieter bars, whether for the entire evening or just for starting out the night, the top pick is the Tadioto, which is active enough to draw in an all ages crowd all throughout the night but quiet enough to allow visitors to mingle with locals.  For those in the Tay Ho area try Daluva Wine and Tapas Bar which is modern and has great food all day as well, they also serve spirits and beer. Mostly Expat's at Daluva but a lot of fun ! New venues like the Sandbox , Hanoi Rock City, or Don's with with occasional live music events, art exhibitions are also attracting an international and local crowd.

For those travelers interested in the more active nightlife, the top picks are Next Bar or Dragonfly.  Other top club picks include Face Club, Temple Bar, or for a romantic view of the West Lake, the Sunset Bar.  For those who are willing to travel a little further (30 minutes from Old Qtr) to Cau Giay, there is Nexttop Bar.  This is one of the bigger and classier clubs within Hanoi.

For those interested in Latino bars, La Bomba Latina Hanoi, which is located at centre of the city, is a good one.  This bar opens from 6pm to late 2am everyday, and has great latin music Salsa, Bachata, Merengue and Reggaeton.  There is also a private dancing floor to enjoy dancing! 

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