Expats Party on Koh Samui - every first Friday of the month!

Samui Expats Club, non-profit social organization, welcomes all nationalities - members & non-members, locals & visitors to join the 'Expats Party' held the first Friday of the month.  The Expats Party attracts 80+ members and guests and features 'Welcome Reception' & Dinner at modest entry fee at island's various 4 and 5-star resorts.   On hiatus every May & June for Annual 'Koh Samui International Regatta, the Expats Party resumes again July 4th for the 3rd  Anniversary Celebration.  For regatta information email kohsamuiregatta@gmail.com; for the Expats Party, visit their Facebook page or email samuiexpatsclub@gmail.com to receive monthly announcements. 


The festival takes place every year in Febuary a few days before full moon.
The Reearth festival and projects in Thailand is a close co-operation between a group of friends in the music-, media- and travel industry and local communities. 1-2 month before the festival you can stay in the Reearth camp, on southern Koh Samui, while the festival is being built up and the Reearth volunteer camp is open. 

Reearth also has some pre-parties and an after party on Koh Tao.
Read more on http://reearth.com

Phangan Film Festival - February

Visitors to the island experience a diverse presentation of high-quality independent films from around the world.

To find out more, visit: www.phanganfilmfestival.com

There is also the Food Festival in March, and the Songkran Festival in April.