When it comes to Ko Samui's architecture, there is one word you will get to know, wat. Wat means temple and Ko Samui has many beautiful Buddhist temples that showcase the architecture of this culture. When visiting a wat, respectable clothing is always expected for entrance.

The most famous landmark on this Thai island is without a doubt " Big Buddha Temple" or Wat Phra Yai. Just as it sounds, the Big Buddha Temple has...a big Buddha. The temple is stunning and awe-inspiring. The giant golden Buddha structures are on of the most photographed landmarks in Thailand. A colorful staircase leads you to the temple buildings and the statues themselves. Donations are encouraged to upkeep the shiny golden paint of Buddha's body.

More wats/temples that are worth a visit on Ko Samui include:

  • Coral Buddha is a much smaller Buddha statue, usually only visited by true devotees. Located west of Hua Thanon.
  • The Leam Sor Chedi is bright yellow and golden in color.This small temple is a great example of just how ornate Thai design is; it is located between Ban Tale and Ban Pang Ka.
  • Wat  Sila Ngu is another incredibly ornate chedi located off of the 4169 roadway.
  • Wat Sumret, like the Coral Buddha, is west of Hua Thanon. This temple houses numerous Buddha statues.
  • Buddha's Footprint is located off the 4170 road; this temple sits high on a hill and honors an imprint of Buddha's footprint.