Weather ,Wind, and Waves 


sites for Koh Samui weather forecasts and trends 

Calling all DE’s and regular visitors . Please add your opinions / experience to this article  so it can put it in FAQs and stop some of the misinformation that persists on this forum regarding weather here on Samui. 


Samui enjoys averagely 10 months of great weather and has one of the drier climates in Thailand  which sets it apart from most of the rest of the country. 


The average temperature all year round is about 28 degrees 


Heres some great sites to check before your arrival as well as while you are here so you can better plan your holiday in paradise


Great weather site with detailed forecasts (also with an almanac so you can look back on a particular day in previous years - wow). Bit technical  and not enough sunshine info. 




 Also lots of detail but clear predicted sunshine hours – yippee. 


This is a site for sailors/kite boarders and gives several forecasts in a day including times of rainfall and amount. I like the information on cloud cover and how black / high it will be. Of course also lots on wind strength and speed and more importantly wind direction, which has a very important bearing on where the waves will be /wont be on your Samui holiday 


Samui beaches are tidal so you can arrive and find a narrow strip where you expected a wide expanse. Don’t panic! It will change soon.[sometimes up to 4 times per day] If you can read them here are the tide tables for the island. Ideal for planning that beach walk, click on the little orange ball next to Samui to download. Also shows dates for full moon, black moon and half moons if you feel like a party.  


June and July are generally lowest tides of the year [widest beachs ], 


December has the highest tides [narrowest beachs] 


Almanacs and trends 


This site clearly shows rain and temperature trends in each area of Thailand in one place. The climate charts are right at the bottom of the Thailand weather page. Beware however as the scales vary (very unhelpful) so if comparing area with area take heed. 


If you really want to know what the weather is like today or was like on a particular day or week then this site has chatty daily archives and commentary back to 2007 from an actual eye witness. Also lots of excellent local information – a great resource for a visitor.