One can get good bargains when shopping for tailor made custom  clothes on Samui. Samui offers a great deal of choice when it comes to bespoke clothing. You will find shops in Chaweng, Lamai, Bophut and Nathon. These are excellent places to have some custom clothes made to order by the resident dressmakers and tailors. Whether you bring them your own personal sketches, or have clipped a photograph of the style you wish, you can be assured of receiving a quality garment within few days. Imported linens, blended wools, cashmere, and print cottons are popular fabrics to choose from, while the lustrous Thai silk is hard to resist.

Why should you buy tailor made clothes ? - Every person has an individual ‘shape’ and sometimes it may be a hassle for some to get
 the clothes of your choice at a store that may suit your choice, size, and style. The best alternative would be to get satisfaction by getting made to measure clothes from  a tailor. 

How to order ? - Once you walk into a tailor shop have a look around for the fabrics before you spend your time to look at a catalogue. If you know what you want just let the shop sales personal know about what you want and then they may suggest you the correcrt fabrics that may suit your taste. You may then have a look at the latest catalogues that are stocked in the store to look for ideas for styles and cuts if in doubts ask the sales person for advice. Once you have a decision, place your order after receiving a quote for price only if you are satisfied with the deal. They will then measure you up and at some stores may ask a small deposit before processing your order and arranging for a few fittings.

The next you need to undergo a few fitting for your clothes and in a few days it ready. For those in a rush some shops may make your clothes ready in 24 hours only for  certain style and cuts. However Its recommended to avoid  the quick fast way and use it only when you are in a rush.

Payments - Some tailor shops do accept credit cards such as VISA, Master, Amex - Cash is local currencies are accepted by all.

Beware !  You may get at times annoyed when you are walking on the streets of Chaweng, Lamai with many tailor shops that employ persons to call into the shop,  they can be annoying and forcing at times. The best is to just avoid them and move without any interaction - these are the shops that strive on selling cheap quality clothes. Avoid the deals on the advertisments boards as well because its a gimmick to get a person into the shop. They do end up adding charges for stiching etc on the deal proces or recommending you into buying other pricy material.

Please browse the internet via Google for the shops online informations. Best is to send an email before visiting them to get a bit of a feel about them including information about fabrics stocked, prices, fittings etc.

Here are a few shops  that maybe of interest to you.

One of the most reputed and trusted tailor is Universal Tailors but they are located in Bangkok.  ( 

Timmys Tailor  (    +66 8 1892 8923

Royal Tailors  (

You can also check TripAdvisor's Koh Samui forum for lots of discussion on tailors and custom-made clothing.