Rama IX Park is a large public park on the Eastern outskirts of Bangkok near Bangna.  The park opens early in the morning mostly for people to run and use the exercise equipment.  Entrance fees are very nominal.  (5 baht  for Thai or 10 baht for foreigners + 20 baht if you park your car there.)  There are plenty of trails to explore through numerous flower gardens.  In the center is a pond with duck and swan shaped pedal boats for rent.  Often one can also find children feeding the fish.  There is a nice children's playground, as well as a maze made of shrubs to run and get lost in.  Sprinkled through out the park are numerous gazebos to find shade or eat a snack.  There are a few huts selling waters and ice creams around the park too, as well as one restaurant.  Just outside the gates one can find many other food sellers.  One of the unique features is the desert house with cactus and other arid plants.  Also there is a fern garden and a rose garden. 

Rama IX Flower Show

The best time to visit is near the King's birthday in early December.  During this time Rama IV Park hosts a Flower show.  The flowers through out the park are so plentiful and gorgeous.  The weather is also nicer in Thailand during that month.  Crowds of people flock to the park to see the plants and take photos.  There are also sellers of all sorts with food, clothes, and plants during this festival and fireworks some nights. 

Plant lovers will enjoy the wide variety of plants, many with name tags marking their genus and species.  Children will love having room to run and play.  The average pedestrian will enjoy the pleasing beauty and calm environment  while walking around the park.

Saturday and Sunday mornings, just outside the western entrance to the park (between the park entrance and Paradise Mall) is a terrific locals market with all sorts of foods and goods. This isn't a tourist market so it lacks the typical overpriced touristy junk so check it out if you are looking for local flavor and great bargains. Beat the heat, the market opens early but is closing up by 11:00AM. Check out the market then enjoy the park for a picnic lunch.

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