The most important museum for visitors to make sure to see when they are in Pokhara is the International Mountain Museum .  The mountains of the surrounding region have been crucial to the way in which Pokhara developed over time (see for more information about the development of the area).  This museum is committed to exploring those mountains, from their physical composition to the human impact upon them over the year.  Travelers can learn much about the area by checking out the exhibits here.  Additionally, the museum hosts events which may be of interest to visitors.  More information is available on the museum’s website (

Travelers who have an interest in learning about the local culture will want to be sure to check out the Pokhara Museum ( ) which is an ethnographic museum designed to provide information about the history of the people who have lived in the area.  It is open Wednesday through Monday during most of the year.  See for additional details.

Yet another museum to check out is the Annapurna Museum .   This museum has beautiful displays of butterflies and other local animal life as well as exhibits of gemstones.   For more information on this and other museums, go to and scroll down to the appropriate section.