As the birthplace of the Lord Buddha, Nepal and Kathmandu City are widely considered to be spiritual destinations, and for many they are.  But Kathmandu also has a lively nightlife scene which features several discos, nightclubs, theatres, and casinos.  The latter being especially popular. 

Kathmandu is home to several casinos, nearly all of which are open 24 hours a day.  They are popular with tourists, as most of them are located within hotels.  A few of the nicer ones include the Casino Nepal located in the city's Soaltee Crowne Plaza Hotel and the casinos run by the Nepal Casino Group, at various locations around the city.

Kathmandu's discos provide night time fun for non-gamblers.  The Galaxy , located in the five-star Hotel Everest, offers upscale entertainment and dancing.   Another popular spot, the Hyatt Regency's Rox Bar, offers a quieter alternative with designer cocktails and great views of the city.  See the clubs' websites for hours and directions.