A visit to three different casinos in Kathmandu to evaluate Blackjack play and rules:  Casino Venus, Casino Royale (in the Hotel Yak & Yedi), and Casino Tara (in the Hyatt Regency Hotel).  The story was the same at all three:

First, it could take up to 20-30 minutes of approaching at least a dozen Staff Members (Hosts, Pit Bosses, Floor Managers), before  anyone may be found who can (sort of) explain the Rules for playing BJ at their casino (after first being told the usual erroneous refrain "Same rules everywhere" or "International Rules", or "Buy Chips, sit down, play and then you'll see"). The only Casino anybody else was even playing BJ (2 players) was at Casino Royale.  Anyway, the supposed Rules were same at all 3 (and not good):  ENHC, DA, DAS (maybe? one answered "Why not"), Split ONLY twice up to 3 hands, and worst of all NO SURRENDER. 

A plus, they did not use CSM, and instead used a Shoe (4 deck at 2 Casinos, 6-Deck at the other), but good luck getting them to start with a 'clean' shoe and/or show you all the cards before play (naturally, they were already in the Shoe at the empty Table). 

Anyway, given the difficulty of even finding someone who could arguably explain the rules, one must wonder how it would be if you actually tried to play at the table --  God knows if the Dealer would know their own rules or apply them consistently.  Needless to say, until they get their act together,:  "Fogetta 'bout it".   NOT RECOMMENDED.