Pokhara is Headquarter of the Western Development Region, is located in the Kaski district of the Gandaki zone. Pokhara spans 8 km from north to south and 6 km from east to west. Pokhara is situated at an altitude of about 827 meters from the sea level. Pokhara Valley includes Pokhara Sub-Metropolitan city, Lekhnath Municipality and some other village development committees.  Pokhara valley is surrounded by beautiful snow-capped mountains, with a magnificent lake of crystal-clear pure Himalayan water. Pokhara is the most popular destination in Nepal after Kathmandu; it lies at center of Annapurna conservation area in Pokhara, enclosed with Annapurna Himalayan range.
Pokhara has a subtropical climate with moderate temperatures. December to January is the coolest period with snowfall being a regular event. February to April is a warm period. The climate is sub-tropical but due to the elevation the temperatures are moderate: the summer temperatures average between 25–35 °C, in winter around -2–15 °C.  The months of October and November are the best time to visit Pokhara.

From the visitor's point of view Pokhara is short on cultural sites when compared with Kathmandu, and the Lakeside area is very Westernised, but as a chill-out after a trek it's great. There are numerous good hotels, and great choice of restaurants and bars.