Travelers' Tales Nepal  by Rajendra Khadka : This book is a collection of stories from travelers who have been to Nepal and discovered its magic.  Recommend getting this book as added motivation to finally going on that planned trip to Nepal and the Himals, as well as for the traveler who is all set to go as reading on the plane or when you are chilling in Pokara after a long 21 day trek through the Annapurana drinking your freshly sqeezed juice mix of your choice.

The Strict Economy of Fire by Ava Leavell Haymon describes the journey of several American women traveling into Nepal for a pilgrammage. Recommended for poetry lovers and travelers who want social or environmental perspective on Bhutan or just want to get excited about going there.

  • Into Thin Air: A Personal Account of the Mt Everest Disaster
  • The Rough Guide to Nepal : Good Himalaya info 
  • Nepal Visitors:  Good Himalaya info (Recommended)-Nepal Based Company.

Always browse any or all Travel Pictorial books about a country, region or a natural wonder of the world . You will find excellent photography to view at leisure. Check out any bookstore or library ( lending or reference ).

Travel Guide(s) - Country, Region or City

Always glance through any Travel Guide for the region you are planning to visit. You will always find some nuggat of useful information. The layout and content will always vary with the publisher. Every traveller should make it a priority to browse one or all of the guides listed below. It will be a great education to browse the layout and view the excellent photography. You decide which of the travel guide(s)  you like the best.

  • DK Eyewitness Travel Guide(s)
  • Insight / Discovery Channel Travel Guide(s)
  • Lonely Planet Guide(s)
  • AA Explorer, AA Key or AA Spiral Guide(s)
  • Note: You will find about thirteen ( 13+ ) other publishing companies  travel guides in bookstores.  

Travel Books - Children or Junior

Browse the children's or junior section of your local library for travel and geography guides. You will find a variety of guides to countries, regions or natural wonders of the world. The majority of these guides will be less than fifty pages in length. They will contain an excellent overview of a country etc. They are an excellent introduction to travel for a novice traveller.

Travel DVD or Video Viewing

  • These are a few ideas for finding Travel DVD's in your local area.

  • Local Video Rental Store
  • Local Library - Travel Video or DVD
  • Any large music store will have a range of travel DVD's or  Video's on sale.
  • Travel Video Store has an excellent internet site.
  • BBC Video series website section
  • Pilot Travel Guide series 
  • National  Geographic Travel DVD or Video Series
  • Escorted Tour Companies  DVD or Video's  e.g. Rick Steves' 
  • National Tourist Bureaus MAY have a introduction Video or DVD on offer  or Photo Gallery on their Internet site