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Tips for Travelling in India

A great idea for travelling between places in India is to get domestic flights. Travelling on the roads of India is a huge hassle due to the conditions of the roads themselves and the traffic. There is always alot of transportation clogging up the very few lanes available and highways are only common between major cities. Even though the distance between places may be short it will take twice as long to get there because most cars will not be able to travel at or above the speed limit due to the multiple road conditions.

Sites: Everyone goes to India to see the Taj Mahal and perhaps a few other major sites such as Agra Fort etc. By all means these are as spectacular as you can imagine, but make sure to make time for visiting relatively unknown places that might be mentioned in off-the-road guide books. They will be worth the effort because oftentimes these places are devoid of massive corwds & hawkers and you can take in the quiet serenity of India in these places while truly appreciating the phenomal art & architecture of these little known discoveries.

Also make sure that you take a trusted guide with you to all the sites, because they can open your eyes to the hidden things that surround you and they will enrich your experience of wandering by adding the richness of history, legend, and myth to the beautiful places you visit.