There are strict travel policies for entering and traveling through Bhutan. There are only two entry points into Bhutan and all visitors must have an arrival and departure ticket to enter the country. Also, it is required to take Druk air or Bhutan Airlines into Paro Airport if traveling by plane. Druk Air flies from Bangkok, Singapore, Calcutta, Delhi, Bombay and Kathmandu to Paro and Bhutan Airlines from Kolkata, Bangkok, Kathmandu & Delhi to Paro. There is a strict visa application process to visit Bhutan; one can not even buy a ticket into Bhutan until the country gives visitoris “visa clearance.” The visa costs $40.00 and is given to each visitor upon arrival at the Paro airport. 

Paro Airport is located 1.30 hours from Thimphu.

If one wishes to travel by boat, it is required to enter with a guide through Phentsholing, which is located on the southern border with India.

The best way to travel by road is to come from Kathmandu, going through Darjeeling and Sikkim on the way. However, this is a long and arduous trip, not recommended for the average traveler. One will then enter Bhutan through the town of Phuentsoling.