Travelers to Dakar should be prepared to experience a tropical climate. Being a tropical location means that the weather is pleasant and warm during most months of the year. It is recommended that light clothing be worn during the months of February through November. The coolest months in Dakar are December and January.

Between February and November, clothing suitable for a tropical setting is the best. It is normally warm during the days, but the nights can get cool. Tourists should bring a jacket and long pants for nighttime weather. During December and January, long pants and a jacket may be necessary during the daytime hours.

Dakar can be breezy, and the city can receive a lot of rain during the wet season. The rainy/wet season normally begins in July and ends in September. Tourists should keep this in mind and bring clothes appropriate for this type of weather if traveling during these months.

Many people in Dakar wear sandals (or no shoes at all). So, tourists can make the decision on what they want to wear, but most do wear open shoes, flip flops or sandals.

The driest time of year in Dakar is from December through April. This is when the weather is most likely to be quite windy.