Senegal is a country rich in culture and tradition. The capital city, Dakar , is home to many different cultural centers, art galleries, museums, and other traditional and cultural institutions.

The country of Senegal has almost 10 million residents and many of the people who live here are in a young age bracket. More than half of the population of Senegal is aged 20 and younger.

Dakar is home to about two and half million people, and there are also many different ethnicities represented in Senegal . There are a large number of people from different ethnic groups live in the capital city.

The largest group of people in Dakar is the Wolof. They make up about 35 percent of the population. Almost three quarters of the population of Senegal speaks Wolof language.

The second largest group of people who live in Dakar are the Peul. They make up about 20 percent of the population. The Sereer population makes up about 17 percent of the population, and the Diola makes up about 10 percent of the population. Other groups make up the final percentages.

With so many different ethnic groups represented, it’s no wonder the city of Dakar and the country of Senegal is filled with all sorts of culture and tradition which can easily be seen by tourists.