There are numerous cultural attractions that can be found in and around the city of Kigali , Rwanda .

            With its unique location in central-eastern Africa , situated between the Congo , Tanzania and Kenya , there are many fascinating sights, and cultural attractions to be experienced around Kigali .  Thousands of people come to Rwanda every year in hopes of getting a glimpse of one of the endangered Mountain Gorillas (only about 700 left in existence) living in the jungles of the area.  Rwanda is blessed to have 12 different species of higher primates living in its jungles, and the Mountain Gorilla is perhaps the most famous.  In 2005, the government of Rwanda initiated a Gorilla Naming Ceremony that will hopefully raise both money and awareness, to help these endangered primates.  The ceremony has been held at the end of June for the past two years, and there are plans to continue this tradition in 2007.  

            The city of Kigali played a central role during the 1990’s in the battles between the native Hutu and Tutsi people, which devastatingly left more than 800,000 people of city’s population dead, and culmulated in the 1994 Geonicede.  Around the city, it is possible to still see evidence of these tragic times. 

            For more information about places to visit around Kigali , check out this Rwanda Tourism Website.