Due to the many cultures represented in Mauritius, there is a plethora of religious and cultural festivals celebrated in Port Louis throughout the year. For instance, Cavadi is a Hindu festival celebrated in January or February. In this intense festival, bodies are pierced with needles and pins. Then believers, in a trace, carry the wooden arch covered with flowers and pots of milk, called the Cavadi, on their shoulders. For those with strong stomachs, this is a colorful and intriguing festival to watch.

Divali, aother Hindu festival in October or November, is a celebration for luck and hope. In this festival of lights, little clay lamps are placed on walls, terraces and yards at sunset. It is believed that their rays will guide the Goddess of wealth and good fortune. Divali is meant to symbolize truth winning over ignorance.

On September 9 th , all Mauritians pilgrimage to the burial ground of Jacques Desire Laval, who is known as the Apostle of Black People, at St-Croix Port-Louis. It

The Id-El-Fitr festival is hosted in celebration of the end of Ramadan, which is a fasting period for Muslims. All day long, the mosques in Port Louis fill with Muslims who say prayers.

Ougadi Ougadi is the Telugu New Year and is usually celebrated in March.

For the Chinese New Year, which is celebrated on different days each year, Mauritian Chinese clean their homes and decorate the streets with red, which is a symbol of wealth and happiness. Little envelopes with money or treats are given to family members. There are festivities in Chinatown in Port Louis. Chinese light Fire crackers to scare off evil spirits.