In and around the city of Port Louis, the primary mode of public transport is via buses and taxis. Buses are the main source of transport in Mauritius, since each family of five has approximately one car and taxis can be very expensive. In comparison, there are about 4,000 taxis and 1,700 buses that run throughout the island. There are three types of bus companies; one of the companies is run by the National Transport Corporation and owns 430 buses. Another is private company with 445 buses. There are also 560 individual operators with 825 buses. Public transportation by bus is available between the main towns until 11:00 p.m. and in remote areas until 6 p.m. 

One significant problem in Mauritius is the traffic jams. Traffic jams can increase journey time more than 50 percent, depending on what time of day one wishes to travel. Travelers should avoid rush hour, when the build up on the roads in extreme.

Around Mauritius, about 90 percent of the roads are paved. Since there has been little roadwork in recent years, but residents keep buying more cars, there is increased traffic congestion. Thus, travelers may rent a car or take public transport, but they must be aware of the conditions. Since many accidents occur in this situation, travelers should be aware that if they are in an accident, they must remain at the scene until the police arrives (even in buses!).