October to April  are the summer months and the temperature is about 28-33 C - this summer 2015 temps have reached 34/5C.

January to March  are hot and humid with rain and the risk of cyclones. The winter months from June to September are pleasant with plenty of warm sunny days and its cheaper in winter.



When arriving at the  airport without transfers arranged by your travel agent negotiate with the taxi cab drivers before entering the taxi. 

Wait several minutes for the people traveling with you to leave to their destinations and ask the first taxi-cab driver who will approach you “how much to (name of the resort?)  He will give you a price, be it RS 1000 to 3000 .  Tell him half the price or even less and you stick with it, don’t budge.  He will do it -  ie  going to Sugar Beach Resort, a one hour and 5 minutes drive west the official price is RS 1900, but you can pay RS 1000 after light bargaining.  From Long Beach Resort to the airport, a 50 minute drive, the official price is RS 2200, but again you can pay RS 1150 after bargaining.

From the town of Flacq to Long Beach resort, a 15 minute drive, the official price is RS 700, but using the accepted method of bargaining you pay RS 200. 

Whenever you can take the old buses, take them.  They are cheap.  RS 22 ($0.73 or 0.57€) for a 15-20 minute ride one way, RS 32 ($1.06 or 0.84€) for a 60-90 minute ride one way.  Mingling with the friendly local folk is fun, most of them speak English well, and of course French.  You learn things, say, that the monthly salary of resort employees is between RS 8000 to 15000 depending on their position, which is $267 to $500 or 208€ to 390€.

Always check the bill carefully before checking out.