Mauritius is a volcanic island and it has unusual and dramatic range of mountains. All of them can be trekked and climbed. Some require more skill and preferably a guide as well as suitable clothing. A few are suitable for families. The three mountain ranges are the Moka range near Port Louis, the Black River chain near Quatre Bornes to Le Morne and the Grand Port range in the South east.

Le Pouce

Also known as the Thumb is part of the Moka mountain range. Le Pouce is the most climbed mountain because its a three hour mountain walk giving spectacular 360 degree views of the island.

Pieter Both

With boulder shape on top this is the highest mountain in North Mauritius and is a difficult climb which can take up to 9 hours to climb.

Lion Mountain

This lion shaped mountain in the South East looks like an easy half day climb but can become difficult and slippery in wet conditions.

Le Morne

This is part of the Black River chain. This mountain requires a guide and is a difficult climb.

Mount du Rempart

On the west coast and referred by Mark Twain as the 'pockt Matterhorn'. The final part is a steep climb

Corps du Garde

Another of the Black River chain. This is the mountain that looms over the town of Rose Hill and is suitable for moderate climbers and hikers.