Bamako is a city incredibly rich in culture and whose traditional heritage dates back to prehistory. Traditions have piled up from under several prosperous kingdoms and under French colonization resulting in several festivals to celebrate. For starter's you can join the people of Bamako as they celebrate their Independence day on September 22; the day which marks their independence from France.

The month of November is a splendid time to visit as it is the month of Hot air ballooning. The entire month has regular hot air balloon flights and tours around the region. 

Another good time to visit is during the biannual Bamako Festival of African Photography which has become an international event. Held in November, visitors get the chance to see a wide range of African art and French influence on the region.

Also in November is the Bamako Dance Festival which highlights traditional and contemporary dance from many countries in Africa and even from Europe. The festival puts on numerous performances and showcases young dancers' debut choreography pieces.

Upon arrival check the calendars of the major museums such as the Mali National Museum which highlights several special events and changing exhibits throughout the year.