Rental cars are available at the Tripoli International Airport and at points within the city center. None of the major western companies (such as Avis or Hertz) are yet offering services in Libya, but there are plenty of local companies available. An international driver’s license is not required, but drivers do need to be 23-years of age, or older, to rent a car. It is advisable to check the condition BEFORE accepting the keys as the cars condition can vary. Likewise, be sure to check on the availability of insurance and don’t count on your credit card to support and insurance coverage in Libya. Be sure to pay attention to speed limits, which are likely posted in Arabic.

There is a high accident rate in Libya and the police seldom enforce traffic signs. You should still pay attention to avoid running foul of the law, plus it is better to drive defensively in this name. Many of the rural roads are poorly paved… if they’re even paved at all.

Private taxis are available for hire, and they are generally happy to pick up Western passengers. Of course the rates they offer you will likely be higher than what they offer the locals. Be sure to agree upon the rate ahead of time if possible.