From the UK dialling Sal looks like this  --00238-- international code for SAL then 997 3499, (it looks like this in Cape Verde) . If someone calls you from the UK then the charge increases by about a third. If your phone is unlocked for any network (Could be worthwhile at a cost of about £5-10 in the UK) then get a phone contract, (available from the post office) pop this sim in your phone. It will cost you about €15, and you will get about €5 of calls. The next time you top up you will get the full €15 of calls. This is better than coming home to a really large phone bill. Vodafone offers a roaming service in Cape Verde. Buy a pay as you go cheap phone in the UK and use it there.

Phone card can be obtained €5,10,15, 20  for the phone boxes, but beware, this is what the locals use and in the evening - the phoneboxes are like a meeting place at Charing Cross Station, and on a Friday night, you could open your own club there. One of the greatest things about countries like this is the art of conversation, never more prominent that here. Take a good book and a chair.

Internet calling with SKYPE and GOOGLE TALK and some others are now sweeping Cape Verde Islands, and is very cheap, use these if you can.

All information is clearly displayed on phoneboxes, the greatest problem is the language, usually Portuguese. Italian, Spanish, French is also widely spoken.

You can buy a Cape Verde SIM card at CV Telecom, and you will get a Cape Verde telephone number for your mobile.  So if friends call you, they pay for the international part of the call, not you.  You can call Cape Verdean numbers for the cost of a local call.  It can be a problem to return to Cape Verde with the same card, because the minutes run out and you need to purchase a refill which can be inconvenient.  Mobile phone coverage is spotty, but you can normally get a signal in the major tourist resorts.  Another way to cut down phone costs is to know your hotel's  telephone number in advance. Capeverdeinfo has fuller details.