For first-time travelers to Zimbabwe, travelers may feel intimidated by the political instability of the country as well as the poverty. Regardless, the natural landscape is well worth the red tape and inconveniences of traveling in this part of the country. The Victoria Falls are unforgettable, one of the 7 wonders of the world.  When they were first “discovered” by the Scottish missionary and explorer, Dr David Livingstone, on November 16, 1855, they spellbound the explorer. He wrote fondly of the sight “The whole scene was extremely beautiful; the banks and islands dotted over the river are adorned with sylvan vegetation of great color and form…scenes so lovely must have been gazed upon by angles in their flight.” The scene continues to captivate international audiences from around the world, for those privileged enough to travel to this part of the world.

First time visitors should note that the entrance fee for Victoria Falls and Rainforest is 30 US dollars on the Zimbabwe side.

Also, first-time visitors must be aware that it is necessary to be taking malaria medication before, during and after departing from the Falls. Also, in order to prevent too much misquito biting, travelers should sleep under mosquito netting and bring bug spray, like Off!, in order to ward off the bugs. Also, if travelers are entering a yellow fever and cholera zone they much have a valid certificate of immunization. It is recommended that travelers obtain these shots before even entering aftrica. It is well-worth it to be careful about ones health while enjoying the spelndors of Africa.