There is one museum which nearly all Tunis visitors opt to take the time to see if they are spending time in the area; the Bardo Museum ( ).  The building housing this museum dates back the thirteenth century, making it a place rich with history even without the exhibits it holds inside.  The exhibits only enhance the sense of history provided by the area.  They include mosaics from the times of Roman control as well as artifacts from times when Carthage and Arabic control ruled the area.  Updated information about current exhibits can be found at the official website for the museum:  Additional information on the rich history which will be explored at this museum is available online at .

Another museum worth visiting is the Dar Ben Abdallah.   Although the building it is housed in is not as old as the one for the Bardo Museum, it is a historic structure, built in the eighteen centuries for use as a wealthy person’s residence.   Today, this museum holds artifacts reflecting the traditional arts and customs of the people of Tunis.

For information about different museums located all throughout Tunisia, travelers should check out the information provided by the Tunisia Tourism Center at .