Tunis travelers sometimes complain that there appears to be a lack of nightlife in the area.  However, this is not really the case.  What is true is that the nightlife is more quiet than active, wit drinking being more common than dancing.  What is also true is that the nightlife is more designed to cater to male travelers than to females, so women, especially those traveling alone, may find that they are not comfortable being out at night.

But Tunis got now a few places to go out and Dance, first of them, le Carpe Diem - Tunis. Amazing venue combining a restaurant - a bar and a nightclub till 2pm.

Sousse is the location in the Tunis area most commonly known about by travelers.  It is also the area which female travelers should most likely stay away from.  For the most part, the nightlife there is geared towards the selling of women, with strippers and even hookers in many of the bars.  Despite these problems, there is one section of Sousse which has legitimate clubs featuring live music.  It is strongly recommended that travelers ask at their local hotel to get update information about which Sousse bars to attend and which to avoid.

Speaking of hotels, the local hotels in Tunis often feature live entertainment and almost always at least have a bar for use by their guests and other travelers.  (For hotel information, see http://www.tripadvisor.com/Hotels-g29... .)  One of the most frequently visited hotel is El Hana International which has a downstairs café-style bar for quiet entertainment and a rooftop bar for a more active scene.