There are three major neighborhoods which Tunis visitors will want to know about in order to better orient themselves during their stay in the area as well as to make sure that they have the complete Tunis experience which is possible only by exploring all three of the others.  This is because all three areas offer visitors a completely different cultural experience than the others.

The first major neighborhood for travelers to be aware of is the medina ( ).  This is the heart of the city.  Travelers can go here to experience bustling active daily life, including market shopping and local dining.  Travelers who plan to buy local goods should make this the first place they stop.  Visitors will leave this neighborhood with the sense that they have seen the most activity they are going to see during their stay.

Although locals run shops in the medina, local residential life is concentrated in Ville Nouvelle.  This is the modern neighborhood in the city, where many of the local hotels are located and where travelers will find themselves experiencing the life most similar to the homes they left behind.

The final major neighborhood to know about is Belvedere.  This is actually a suburb city of Tunis but is located just north of the area and is often considered a local neighborhood, offering a different feel with more expansive landscape to be enjoyed.