Tunisian Weather is varied.   Jan - March is similar to English Spring temperatures, then April-June is approx. 26+ degrees, then it starts getting hot!! July and August are usually around 40 degrees, currently temperatures are approx 46 degrees in Hammamet dropping to around 20+ in the evening! September is very warm in excess of 30+ degrees and October sees similar temperatures as May/June 30 degrees.

If you are travelling to Tunisia at this time of year it is advisable that even sun worshipers take a higher factor than normal.  The sun is extremely hot and not noticeable when on the beach in the cool breeze! It is also advised that you drink plenty of water as heat exhaustion and sun stroke happen in this heat!

Storms do happen in Tunisia, however the weather is not cold and you will most likely find yourself standing outside watching!  They are amazing!

April can still be quite cool due to the strong Scirrocco winds everyday.

See climateandweather.com for a detailed month-by-month guide to the weather in Tunisia