Those who have not been to Dar es Salaam should be extra careful, as crime rates in the city are quite high and tourists are subject to theft or swindling as soon as they step off the plane. Do not accept help finding a taxi from people in the airport, as there are plenty of cabs waiting outside the arrivals terminal.

Do not try to change money on the street; always do it at an authorized bureau. There are few bureau de change at the Airport, one (Twiga Bancorp) is open 24/7. Changing money on the street is not only unsafe, it is illegal. Most people who offer such services have developed clever ways of cheating you out of your money (by inserting paper inside a stack of notes, for example); some are even undercover policemen who simply take your foreign currency in exchange for not jailing you for engaging in black market trade.

There is no need to rent a car in Dar es Salaam. This will probably prove to be a waste of money, as most roads outside the city are in very bad condition and you will not be allowed to self-drive through national parks (for safari expeditions) or on many local roads. Getting around Dar es Salaam is much cheaper and easier via " bodaboda " aka motorcycle or tuktuk or taxi or bicycle or just on foot. There are also some buses or trains for travel outside of the city and some "daladalas" city buses to travel within the the city.