South Africa is one of the best birding destinations in the world, with about 850 different species to be spotted. Furthermore about 50 species are endemic to the country and can not bee seen any where else in the world! Apart from resident species, many of the birds migrate from Europe, Central Asia, China, Antarctica and the Arctic.

Nature reserves are an excellent place for bird watching, but many birds can be spotted by just looking out for them in every day life. Most game reserves offer birding trails as well as hides. Many also offer checklists or booklets on the bird life of that region.
The Western Cape has a good selection of sea birds including the famous African penguin, as well as an excellent selection of waders. The fynbos flora provides a one-of-a-kind habitat for beautiful sunbirds and sugarbirds.

The semi tropical northeastern part of KwaZulu Natal is one of the best areas for spotting birds and has a famous Zululand birding route. The northeastern part of Mpumalanga is where the Kruger Park is situated, and it is very famous for its bird watching – especially birds of prey. Sea birds are best spotted on the Pelagic trips from of Cape Town or Durban.