Tips on Driving in South Africa

* Always drive with windows closed, doors locked
* Make sure handbags, wallets etc are always out of sight
* When stopping at traffic lights (robots), stop signs etc. leave 1/2 car space 
between you and vehicle infront. In the rare event you suspect a possible car
hi-jack, you will be able to drive off.
* Petrol stations are great - Attendants will fill your car, wash windows, check oil and 
tyre pressure REALLY quickly. A small tip eg. R1 - 2 (1 or 2 Rand, GBP = 11-20 
pence) is greatly appreciated by Attendants.
* Keep a few R1, R2 coins for toll roads, there are usually baskets to throw coins 
into as you slowly drive by.
* Park in the shade if you can, use Car Sun Shades on front AND back windows to 
keep the temperature down within the car. The SA winter is warmer than UK 
* When returning your Rental car, return keys to the Rental Car office, NEVER 
assume an attendant in an official looking coat works for the Rental Car office.

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