Why not visit Morocco for a day trip when you are staying in Spain, only 14km from Tarifa it couldn’t be easier to get to and there are many excursions from Tarifa to Tangier every day Known as the door to Africa.

Tangier has lots to offer and you can soak up the atmosphere and culture with just a few hours there. Whether you hire a guide or wander the city by yourself (although a guide is recommended if you want to see and learn a lot) there is much to see including Dar el Makhzen (Sultan’s palace), the museum of Moroccan arts and antiquities, the Kasbah Mosque which was built in 1230, and much more. Markets are a must for tourists, so make sure you visit the Grand Souk, the Petit Souk or even the famous Berber market ‘Casa Barata’ (house of cheap things) where you can find a whole host of goodies!  Tangier is a safe city and you will not feel uncomfortable walking around alone.

The ferry from Tarifa is just half an hour and tickets are sold at the office of FRS or contact a professional private guided tour company ahead of time.

Tangier is just an hour’s drive from Chefchaouen and is supposedly one of the oldest cities in the world so there is much to see while you are there. The Alcazaba is definitely worth a visit – the Moorish fortification while overlooking it, the Castle has magnificent views of the city and other Other attractions, Also make sure you take a stroll down Casbah and Medina, a great alternative to the large shopping centres – where you will find all your favourite shops. The street opens out into one of the main squares where you can find cafes, Restaurants and patisseries so you can lose yourself for hours shopping and for some great refreshments.

In the unlikely event you run out of things to do in Tangier, there are plenty of day trips and excursions you can take.

Tetouan :

One of the major cities in northern Morocco, Tetouan was supposedly founded by Moorish Andalusians and has many things to do and places to visit including Djebel Derssa which has magnificent views of the city, the very stunning Alcazaba palace, and many other sites in the old city all worth seeing and are all unique and beautiful in their own right. The Museum of Fine Art and the local artisans cooperative also should be on the list of places to visit.

Assilah, is the place to go to totally chill out and relax. With long white sandy beaches, mud baths, and a crystal blue sea you can spend your days sunbathing and building sandcastles then retire to one of the many hotels, beach villas and even campsites for the more adventurous outdoor explorer who doesn’t mind mosquitos and critters before choosing a place to order freshly grilled fish with a glass of wine or two for dinner. An hour drive from Tangier, Assilah is also a surfing lover’s paradise and many kite surfer’s up and down the beach from beginners to the more experienced showing all how it’s done. Unfortunately there are no buses from Tangier straight to Assilah so you will either need to hire a car or book a private tour. Check Tangier forums or activities to find the best tour guide / company for your trips.