Shopping is not only possible in Tangier, it is actually the main attraction. The city is loaded with bazaars and souks (markets), all of which offer a dizzying area of products.

Keep in mind that several of the stores and stands are nothing but tourist traps, with low-quality, overpriced goods. But if you are willing to venture away from the main drag, you can find fine crafts, including good-quality, affordably priced copper, cedarwood posts and boxes, leather, and carpets. Most shopkeepers will try to befriend you with offers of mint tea and “bargains,” 

Haggling is accepted and expected, just keep the mood light and friendly and don’t be afraid to pretend to walk away. Chances are you will be called back with one more “lowest” offer.

In truth, a guide can be comforting in the hustle and bustle of Tangier, just don’t feel pressured to buy anything you don’t want. On the other hand, if you’re actually in the market for a good-quality Berber rug, or unique herbs and spices, this is the place to buy. most places will ship your purchase directly to your home.