Walking is probably the best way to get from one place to another in Tangier, but if you prefer to ride, there are a few things to be aware of. There are two different types of taxis: Grands taxis and Petit taxis. Grands taxis operate on regular routes and are permitted to carry as many as six passengers at one time. They are generally fast, efficient, and a good value. They are usually big, roomy Mercedes or some type of similar automobile. Petit taxis are more easily found from anywhere in the city, but they are not allowed to carry more than three people at a time, and they are supposed to be metered. Keep in mind that both Petit and Grands taxis increase their rates by as much as 50 percent after 8 pm.

Renting a car to drive yourself around Tangier is another possibility, though it can be a bit dicey. There are some rental depots to be found, but they are expensive. If you do opt for a car, spring for the insurance, keep your seatbelt buckled as required by law, and know that the speed limit in town is 50km/hour and on the highway it’s 100km/hour. Be extra cautious when driving at night, since it is legal to drive without headlights at up to 20km/hour, so watch out for bicyclers, hikers, and animals. You may also consider renting a motorbike instead.