The safest and most convenient way to get around Tangier is on foot, as many of the best sights are on top of steep stairways. Plus, the wide streets and boulevards are roomy enough for pleasant strolling. If you prefer to grab a petit taxi, check to see whether it is metered. If not, be sure to agree on a fare before starting out.

A good place to start is the medina, made up of a maze of houses and shops. It is centered on the Petit Socco (Small Souk), a lovely square that is surrounded with restaurants, cafes, and hotels. The medina actually starts at the Grand Socco (Big Souk), a huge permanent market that is filled with shops and stalls that sell everything from pottery and fabrics to fruit and herbs. At the end of the square is the Sidi Bou Abid Mosque, known for its earthenware-tiled minaret dating from 1917.

Overlooking the medina is the Boulevard Pasteur, the main street of modern Tangier. It runs from Place de France and offers great views of the Straits of Gibraltar, as well as banks, boutiques, and the luxurious El Minzah Hotel.

Transportation means:

For reaching outer sites/beaches (rmilat, mnar park...) buses (Green) can be useful and cost only 0.30 euro per ride for one end to the other of a bus line.

Inside the city: "Petit Taxies" are green and yellow. Passing taxies can be stopped from the street side. Ask the driver to turn on the price counter, it starts by the way at 0.16 Euro however the minimum ride costs 0.5 Euro. The price is double during the night after 9pm. The taxies can take 3 passengers. Puting the safty belt is mandatory for the person near the driver. Additional cost can be asked for heavy/big luggage arround 1 euro.