The best way to traverse Meknes is on foot. One will enjoy traipsing through the old Medina and simply getting lost and then found again and again. However, to get to locations outside of Meknes, one will have to use another form of transportation: either taxi or bus or train. For some of the popular monuments located on the outskirts of the city, one will have to take a cab. There are several options for taxis in Meknes. There are the "big taxis" (grand taxis) and "small taxis" (petit taxis). The difference is that the grand taxis are shared taxis and will cover longer distances. Meanwhile, the petit taxis work like regular taxis everywhere. One should assume there will be a meter in the taxi. If the meter is not working, one should negotiate one’s far in advance.

It is harder to drive around Meknes. There are options to rent a car in bigger cities like Fez or Rabat and from there, drive through and around Meknes. However, most of the internal city is pedestrian only and it is not always guaranteed to find safe parking. In other words, generally bringing ones car may be more of a liability than anything else.