Marrakech is a city where you can find both millennium-old buildings as well as modern high-rises. The médina, or old town, is home to many beautiful mosques. The Koutobia, the premier mosque of the city, stands at over 250 feet (77m) and serves as a symbol Marrakech. Other beautiful examples of religious architecture can be found in the Casbah, Ben Youssef, Bab Doukklala and Mouassine mosques, as well as the several synagogues in the city, such as Beth-El, Salat el Azama, and Salat Rbai Pinhasse. The Ben Youssef mosque, in particular, is worth a visit. Its architecture shows distinct influences from Moorish Spain with fine decorations of stucco and cedarwood.

The royal palace of Marrakech, Dar el Makhzen, is not open to the public, and is now privately owned by a French businessman. Another palace, the El Bahia, displays the tastes of the 18th-century nouveau riche.

The Kouba of Marrachech is an example of architecture from the Almoravides dynasty that ruled the Sahara during the 11th century. It had been buried under dirt and rock until a few decades ago, when it was finally excavated and opened to the public.