An excellent restaurant for that special occasion is Narwama. It is open 8pm - 1am, and alcohol is served. In many restaurants and hotels in Marrakech alcohol is not served. The menu offers a marvellous fusion of traditional Moroccan dishes and Thai curries, plus an excellent range of desserts.  For such a gourmet delight prices are reasonable, for example a three course meal for two, with coffee, costs around £50.

The decor is equally as exciting as the menu. The restaurant is dark, mainly lit by candles, with large palms, low seating and tables. Music playing in the background creates a relaxed yet stimulating atmosphere. In the center of the restaurant is a fountain which emanates what appears to be fire and water at the same time! (The water, however, is possibly lamp oil.)  Nevertheless, the effect is highly original. In the high season booking would be advisable: Tel: 044 442510