Morocco has many historical sites including the royal cities with differing monuments and disparate cultures.

Fes is one of the medieval cities, all of which  have a rich history. The spread of Islam reached Morocco in the  7th century (Idrissid dynasty), and went to Ismailit  regional capital and founded the third imperial city of the nascent modern state of Morocco. Marrakech was developed by Youssef Ibn Tashfine, the great caid of that time from a Berber dynasty which governed a province stretching from Morocco to Andalusia (Spain) and Mauritania to the south.

The Saharan desert fringes have the popular destinations of Erg Chebbi and Merzouga. For desert tours look for advice in the forums Top Questions box. The Todra and Dades gorges are two of the breathtaking sites of Morocco and can be visited as part of a desert excursion from a base in in Marrakech.