There are quite a few things to do to spend a day or two - or more.

There's the must-see Hassan ll Mosque, guided tours every day until 2pm except Fridays. But be aware that there are specific times for these (with the exception of no non-Muslim access on Friday).

Stroll in the downtown (around Marché Centrale where there are some good cheap snack restaurants in Rue Colbert) or in the Boulevard d'Anfa area where there are some fabulous eateries. Have a look at the Rialto cinema and Au Petit Poucet restaurant along Sharia Mohammed V, both of which are steeped in history. Au Petit Poucet even still does good food and has done so for decades! Have a walk round Maarif, particularly the "French Market". Do some shopping in the Ancienne Medina. The jewellery shops there are particularly good and the owners start at reasonable prices. Visit Place Mohammed V and have your photo taken with the pigeons and the fountain playing in the background. Then walk on down to Parc de la Ligue Arabe and see the "tree tunnels" there and the avenue of palms.

Watch a soccer game. It's anywhere between 30 and 45 DH ($4-$7). It's safe. Bring something to put on the bench (plastic) or clean it (paper) as it can be dirty/dusty. No need to reserve, plenty of seats available. Ask the reception or concierge at your hotel for details of games.

Walk along the Corniche. There are now two large European-type malls there, Morocco Mall and (the more intimate) Anfa Place. If you're adventurous, there are discos and night clubs as well as some decent cafes.

Try one of the Pools on the beach strip. There are 3-4 Pool Clubs (for lack of better word). The nicest is Tropicana and it doesn't cost much. Very nice experience.

Have a coffee at the cafe de France or Cafe Ramses on Place Nations Unies and watch Casablanca go by you.

If you're very adventurous, you can go to one of the true markets in Casablanca such as Derb Ghallef, where Moroccans do their shopping for anything from lampshades to mobile phones.

Go and watch a film while whilst waiting for a flight. There is the big Megarama complex near Anfa Place as well as a new complex at Morocco Mall.  Although most of the films are in French or Arabic, some are presented in their original language and subtitled, although most will be dubbed.

Visit the Museum of Moroccan Judaism - apparently the only museum in the Arab world dedicated to Judaism. - Have a look at the other attractions listed on TA and see if any grab your fancy!