Morocco has been a favourite travel destination for gay travellers for many years since the people are warm and welcoming and whilst a moslem country it is fairly liberal. Historically Tangiers was referred to as Costa del Sodomy by Joe Orton in the 1960's since young attractive men would throw themselves at gay visitors and the harems that existed in the city. Times have since changed and it should be noted that homosexuality is illegal however the country is very tolerent and people live and let live and what happens behind closed doors remains there.  Morocco is a country where the sexes were until recent decades, totally divided. Sexual activity among men has not been seen as gay. Only if a guy is passive would he be considered gay.

The concept of gay is a difficult one in Moroccan culture where family, marriage and having children are the focus of an individuals life. The idea of not having a wife and children is alien to many gay men.    

Morocco is a young country with 40% of the population under 25. There are high levels of unemployment, no welfare state and many young guys both straight and gay opt to make a living working in the prositution industry.  Remember this activity is illegal and there are cases where travelers have been blackmailed or worse and if the hustler is a minor you can expect a lengthy prison sentence.

As a gay traveller you do have need to take care. However male/male female/female couples will not find any problems in major hotels in Marrakech and Agadir. In fact Agadir is very popular with gay Europeans who enjoy the year round sunshine, cheap cost of living and the abundance of handsome looking men.

It is not uncommon to see guys holding hands and dancing together in discos, this should not imply that they are even the slightest bit gay. With the globalisation of the world many young men are stopping these practices as they are now aware that in Western culture it is considered gay and they do not wish to be associate with such a thing.

Single men will get approached with winks and smiles. If you are approached the most common question is are you married? Where is your wife? If you want to get rid of the guy then say she is at your hotel or apartment. You have to remember these guys are looking for payment and you should take care as gay travellers have been robbed and murdered by hustlers. 

You will find no gay scene, but Agadir has a large European gay community which meets in various cafes along Hassan II.  

Many gay visitors fall in love, have holiday romances and even long term boyfriends but you should take care and consider the risks involved.