West Oahu, an emerging area of the island, is home to the new Disney resort. Filipino Express and Sari Sari BBQ along the highway serves up yummy filipino food, quick and cheap. For free fun, the Ko O'lina lagoons offers calm waters for splashing and swimming, though really no underwater sealife to write home about.

There are plenty of companies that leave from the Waianae Coast or the Ko Olina area for whale watching, dolphin encounters, and snorkeling. 

Then, the north shore, often deemed the most rural area of Oahu, is must do for those in search of off the beaten path fun and eateries. Opal Thai is a hole in the "truck".  Ted's bakery, just 3 miles past Shark's Cove will turn anyone into a dessert lover. Upside down pineapple cake with mac cheesecake layer. North Shore swim suit custom swimwear will fit anyone. Waimea Valley just started a tram so for you soft adventure folks, this is a great way to see the waterfall without the hike.